The Power of

The Power of Music

We are delighted to be working with The Purple Angel Campaign to offer free MP3 players to people living with dementia in our area.

If you would like an MP3 player please contact us on – we need a list of 15 songs and artists and your name and address.



When I knew that I would receive this mp3, I was very happy. I was stuck at home during the epidemic, and so I was very excited. The mp3 is very easy to use, and the songs are very nice, because they are all familiar Chinese songs, which evoke many memories and resonance, and I feel very happy. Now I can listen to songs not only at home. Even if I go out to buy food, I can also hear familiar Chinese songs in the car. Very good indeed. The only drawback is that the headphones are hard and it hurts to clamp the head, but it’s fine and thank you for giving me a mp3.


It’s helpful. I listened to it and recalled my memories, thinking of my idols in the past, they brought me lots of good memories. Especially during the epidemic, I was alone and lonely at home, I was depressed. It made me happy when I listened to these familiar Chinese songs and melodies. It seems to be injected with vitality, sweeping away the depression before. Thank you for being considerate of our old people and carefully choosing songs for us.


Brian really loves it he sits in the snug for hours singing along with his favourite song’s – it really has made the days brighter for him and thank you.


It’s really a game-changer for me.


I say little but its influence is so big on my day, listening to the songs takes me instantly back to times and people whose memories are still clinging on somehow. It’s more than simply a capsule of wires with a lithium heart… to me it’s real living people and younger moments, all in the palm of my old and wrinkled hand. Thank you. Blessings, John


Simon enjoyed listening to his music and singing it was lovely. Thank you I need to find some head phones to join in.


Thank you for the mp3 players.

Ann really enjoyed the music and was tapping her feet. Certainly, seemed to give her a boost. She did not put it down till the music ended


Jim had his MP 3 player on when Bryan was here. Evidently, he announced each song as it came up.  He also tapped and whistled along with many of the tunes.  At one point he asked Bryan “Do you have a ticket to ride?”  When I came in, he offered me the headphones and was obviously totally involved with whatever was playing. Now I just need to figure out how to extend the playlist! We are thinking about getting a speaker so we can both listen if we want to. Many thanks for organising this and to BDDA for setting it up!

The MP3 player is working well although Jean still needs to be shown the sequence of steps necessary to “get on”. She has enjoyed the tunes and, hopefully, may fully get the hang of it… In the meantime, I can show her and add other songs etc


John is enjoying the MP3 player and songs on it.  He’s singing along with it right at this moment!  It’s easy to use and charge up.  Keeps him using his voice.   Really good idea.


Absolutely brilliant. Margaret can sit in the garden and listen to her playlist also when going on holiday. Margaret has Alzheimer’s for the last twelve years which is a long way down the road, the MP3 is a blessing and great help in taking care of her it takes away a lot of the anger and I am most grateful for the opportunity Many Thanks


Feedback from care home staff – physical health has improved now back to baseline, no longer at end of life. Staff find resident singing at the top of her voice to the MP3 music.