BDAA Awards celebrate the amazing contribution of organisations, businesses and groups who are helping to raise awareness of dementia in Bristol communities.

The Barbara Award for children’s groups and schools is named after Barbara Hall who founded BDAA with her husband Tony after her dementia diagnosis.

Barbara was a nursery nurse who dedicated her life to families, children and young people. This award will be given to the children’s group or school that has done most to increase dementia awareness in their group and community.

Photo credit: Guy Manchester

Some of the things the group can do are:

  1. Nominate a “link person” to be a contact between the group and BDAA or Dementia Wellbeing Service (DWS)

    Link people are:

    For schools:                 

    DWS  –

    For children’s groups:   

    BDAA –

  2. Run a dementia awareness session for the group
  3. Run a dementia awareness group for parents, families, friends, governors or trustees
  4. Organise a fundraiser to increase dementia awareness
  5. Talk to similar groups to theirs and get them involved in increasing dementia awareness in their locality
  6. Help in a care home, memory café, drop-in centre or group supporting carers or people living with dementia
  7. Engage in other intergenerational activities e.g. interacting with people living with dementia in school, a church group, etc
  8. If age appropriate, engage in volunteering, campaigning and research
  9. Design and run an event/activity to increase dementia awareness in the community
  10. Anything else that could improve the awareness of dementia and the lives of people affected!

This award is open to any group / school that works with children of school age i.e. 4 – 18 years

Nominations should be made and sent to by 31st July using the attached application form.

The actual award will be presented on 25th September from 3pm – 5pm at the BDAA Awards Ceremony and AGM.

Our aim is to educate, make a positive difference to lives and create change.


Well done to Oasis Academy Bristol for winning the first Barbara Award in 2023.

They worked as a team to raise dementia awareness within their school and community.