Dementia awareness workshops (3 hours)

A 3 hour bespoke workshop for those in the community working with, or wanting to work with, carers and people with dementia.

Working together we construct a workshop that allows your team time to discuss how to work with people with dementia and their families and friends.

We set the objectives together, but an example would be:


  • To deliver a half-day training workshop to volunteers/staff concerning community involvement of those living with dementia
  • To increase dementia awareness in the community
  • To help find ways to reduce loneliness and isolation of people living with dementia


If you would like to know more about running a dementia awareness workshop, please contact us on



Zion Bristol, 2000

I found today really interesting and informative. The info was well communicated and left me feeling confident in how to best help carers and people living with dementia. Thank you!

An informative and knowledgeable session giving useful contents and a better awareness of the issues. Made me think more about what I can do.

Tony’s stories brought everything alive; moving, real and affecting

Good balance of information and activity

Meeting Barbara

A useful recap drawing out the challenges and needs for people living, caring for and working with people living with Dementia

Very informative session – loved the bingo!

St Stephen’s workshop, Soundwell, 2021

  1. Making us more aware of dementia and how we can become a dementia friendly church  
  2. Lots of really relevant info! Delivered well and with humour. Great raising of awareness. Thank you.
  3. Very interesting session
  4. Brainstorming was very interesting and insightful
  5. Did not realise the extent of help available with these problems
  6. Thank you for broadening my awareness of dementia. Living as a carer, it was helpful to hear the experience of others which resonate with me
  7. It has been good to talk about and understand more about a subject that can sometimes be misunderstood, both for the carer and the patient
  8. Plenty of food for thought and good useful information that can help us at church and in our community. Thank you!
  9. Varied information with participation, which helps us to understand. Not being talked at.
  10. Very good presentation by involving us  and making us think it through
  11. Great, relevant, raised my awareness.
  12. Brilliant! Well balanced presentation with lots of new info. Very helpful for me personally and in ministry.

Health & Social Care Students, 2024

I really enjoyed finding out about dementia from Lisa today. I learnt there are over 200 different types and lots of other interesting facts too. Thanks.

Lisa was very informative and what she told us was very interesting.

Enjoyed. Very interesting to find out how many types of dementia there is.

Great talk. A lot of information I didn’t know about dementia. Resources to look at online etc. Thanks.

Good range of valuable information. Simple enough to understand and follow.

Lisa came today to tell us more about dementia. I found it very interesting and really helped me to understand how my neighbour feels in his everyday life with dementia.

It was a really good topic, especially for me because I have some people who have dementia, so I know how to deal with them. Also, I know a lot of new information about dementia.

Thank you very much for great lecture about dementia. It was very helpful to get more knowledge about dementia.

A few tips which I will tell my neighbours wife about to help her deal with her husband’s condition. Lisa is very lovely, and she is really passionate about her work. Happy people who work with her.  

I now understand the importance of the physical environment, especially colours. Eye opening.

I am very pleased that I know more about dementia.

Today I have learnt a lot of beneficial information and to work with people with dementia.

Very educating.

I enjoyed it and it has improved my skills and knowledge about dementia.

I learnt much more about dementia. I would like to find out how to reduce the risk of dementia.

The eyesight activity was fun.

I enjoyed and benefitted from this course.

I have a greater understanding of dementia.

This workshop is awesome. Learnt a lot about dementia especially how to handle situations with different activities. Lisa done a good job. Good source of information. Thanks Lisa.

I have learnt that I need to be more patient with people with dementia.

Wish I looked into it more when my Gran and Aunt had it.