In May 2022, BDAA received £4,000 from The Society of Merchant Venturers to fund transport for people living with dementia and their carers attending relevant events within Bristol. This follows their generous £1,000 pilot study grant which resulted in BDAAs Transport Report.

Whilst this seems a lot of money, transport costs are very high, so we have put the following policy in place:

  • Only applicable to people living with dementia and their carer
  • Can be accessed three times to ensure the person can attend three sessions of the event to make sure it is a fit for them and allow them to investigate alternative transport options. This also allows us to fund different people attending different events
  • BDAA can reimburse for bus fares and taxis
  • BDAA Trustees/Ambassadors who have dementia and their carers can also access this fund to raise awareness of the charity and emphasise how to live well with dementia
  • Application form is below


John’s been having an amazing time at the allotment. We’re
so happy to have him back with us. I’ve attached a few photos – here are a couple of quotes from John:

“It’s like freedom up here for me. I love being here.”

“Everyone knows John up here; it’s like I’m returning to my family”.


Several people have commented how vital trips to the
allotment are for both John and Onia’s wellbeing. Onia benefits hugely from some time on her own and John is in his element at the allotment – from the moment he arrives, he has the broadest of grins on his face and it lasts for the whole session. It’s his happy place, somewhere he can relax and be himself, occupied, in control and able to pass on the wisdom of his years to everyone else. 

Photo credit: Guy Manchester

The travel funds have been so helpful as buses are far too unreliable to get to and from where the BDAA events take place and taxis too pricey for a pensioner to regularly fork out so has enabled us to participate in dementia friendly activities we would otherwise not have been able to join in with. Many thanks 🙏 

[We did try to get a bus back once but waited in a residential area for over an hour with numerous no show buses and no seat at the bus stop or any toilet facilities near by so won’t be risking going by bus on those routes again as those services are far too unreliable. We would unlikely attend if it wasn’t for the generosity of the travel funders helping us to get there and back.]


Binky (& Janet)