Dementia Aware Organisations

Why become dementia aware?

Being dementia aware means that your organisation and staff/volunteers/members

are aware of the challenges people living with dementia can face. Organisations can make simple changes to help improve their service for everyone, including:

  • have clear signage for the entrance, exits and toilets.
  • have had dementia awareness sessions to enable them to understand the illness.
  • are accessible to all and treat everyone with respect
  • as a business director once said to us, “Because it’s the right thing to do”.

Bristol Dementia Action Alliance Awards

On 28th September 2022 we celebrated the past year and the amazing organisations and companies who are working to become dementia aware. If your organisation would like to participate in our awards scheme, please contact us for further information.

Organisation List

These organisations have started to become dementia aware.

It is not exhaustive and will be updated regularly.

Please click the button below to see the list: