Could Bristol International Airport be the first Dementia Friendly airport in the World? (Unless you know of another one!)

Unless you’re a seasoned flyer, lots of people find navigating your way through the airport process quite a stressful experience.

Imagine what it’s like if you’re a carer with someone who has Dementia.

Well, Bristol Airport made an important step forward today in becoming a Dementia Friendly Airport (maybe the first in the world – unless you know of another one!).

A dozen of their airport staff attended a Dementia Awareness session.

We discussed what Dementia is, how to identify it in people/customers and, more importantly, how to manage people with the disease.

We also thought about how buildings, public or private, may be made more dementia friendly at very little cost.

Both large and small businesses will benefit by becoming Dementia Friendly because their customers will know that staff at that business will treat them properly.

As a result, the business will get more customers – a “Win – Win” situation.

You may ask why businesses should become dementia friendly?

May I quote the director of a local firm when asked this question replied “Because it’s the right thing to do”.

As a result, his business has flourished.

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